Online Medical Student Wellness & Burnout Resources

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA has a webpage dedicated to Medical Student Well-Being. The webpage provides basic information regarding wellness during medical school and provides suggested ways to cope with stress. AMSA's student well-being page also offers numerous wellness related resources such as an interactive questionnaire to help students develop a personal health plan; a link to an online mentoring and journaling program; and a link to The RightBrain, a creative outlet for health professionals. These resources are aimed at helping students find balance during medical school.

American Medical Association (AMA)

The Physician Health portion of the AMA's website contains a plethora of tools to aid professionals in their journey toward wellness including a physician's guide to personal health, practical steps for resilience, and a guide to healthy conferences. Although it is geared toward physicians, the information may be helpful for future physicians. However, an AMA membership login and password is needed to access the information.

American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Navigate Your Journey from Pre-Med Through Residency provides Tips for Surviving Medical School and Easing into Residency. Additional information regarding medical student wellness and burnout can be found in the Newsroom section of the AAMC website.


ePhysicianHealth is a comprehensive health and wellness resource designed to help physicians and medical students in training to be resilient in their professional and personal lives. In addition to collegial support, ePhysicianHealth provides evidence-based information and innovative, user-friendly self-help tools. Program modules provide cutting-edge information on physician resilience; depression burnout, and suicide; managing anxiety; setting
boundaries; substance abuse; nutrition and fitness; and managing personal, disruptive behaviors.

The Heart of Medicine

The Heart Of Medicine is an online resource that provides support for physicians to explore the joys and challenges of a life of service and to feel part of a community of like-minded professionals. The Heart of Medicine provides support through on-line discussions, poetry, storytelling, journal writing symbols, and imagery. The Finding Meaning In Medicine feature provides active online discussions of wellness topics and experiences. The Healing Library feature provides audio, videos, articles, lectures, and books related to the history and practice of healing. The Art of Medicine feature provides a forum where professionals can read articles about healing; view physicians art; and share personal photos, drawings, paintings, and stories. Finally, the Self-Care feature provides tools and exercises for keeping one's own life in balance in the midst of conflicting demands.