Probation is a status assigned to a student to indicate that they have not met the minimum standards of performance expected of students at UNR Med. A student may be placed on probation for cognitive or behavioral and/or professionalism reasons. The performance of students on probation will be reviewed by the Student Promotion and Conduct Committee (SPCC) at the conclusion of each semester or earlier as needed. The student's status of probation will be considered by the SPCC in all matters pertaining to that student. The terms of probation may include cessation of some part or all course work, a remedial course of study, a repetition of part or all of the curriculum, counseling, and other cognitive criteria for satisfactory performance. Students on probation are not permitted to: serve in elected leadership positions, serve on medical school committees, participate in admissions applicant interviews, or to participate in dual degree programs. Students on probation are considered not in good academic standing until the status has been removed. Students may not graduate with the MD degree while on probation.