Immunizations are an important part of medical student requirements, to protect the health of their patient and to maintain their own wellness. Regular immunizations and documents are a requirement for all medical students at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Keeping immunization records up to date are an important part of the professionalism required of all students at the school.

Prior to matriculation all students must complete the immunizations set forth by AAMC by June 1 of the year of matriculation.

Instructions for Students Admitted to UNR Med

  1. All students admitted to UNR Med are required to complete immunization and screening requirements.
  2. Admitted students must email a copy of the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form with scanned documentation showing proof of immunization or lab results to by June 1 of the year of matriculation. Please note that UNR Med does NOT require the completion of the information at the bottom of the AAMC form or a signature from your health care provider or institutional representative.
  3. Students who fail to complete the required immunization and screening requirements will be ineligible to matriculate. After matriculation, failure to maintain required immunizations will result in a hold placed on financial aid and/or a hold on continued enrollment at UNR Med.
  4. If you have questions about immunization requirements or concerns about meeting the June 1 deadline, please contact:

Brandi Aiazzi, UNR Med Registrar

COVID-19 vaccine required for ALL UNR Med students.

By November 1st, 2021 ALL UNR Med students must be fully vaccinated. You can take
advantage of several options that are available to you in order to receive your vaccinations,

  • Make a vaccine appointment at no cost by contacting the University Student Health
    Center at 775-784-6598. The Student Health Center continues to offer daily COVID-19
    testing by appointment as well.
  • Make a vaccine appointment with the Washoe County Health District.
  • Text your zip code to 438829 to get three locations near you with vaccines in stock.
  • Use the COVID-19 Vaccine Locator from Immunize Nevada.
  • Use COVID-19 Vaccine Locator.

Please visit the Protect the Pack website for additional requirements and policies related to the coronavirus.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccination Requirement (choose one option)

Option 1: Provide documentation of two (2) doses of the MMR vaccine. Your first MMR vaccine must be at 12 months of age or older.
Option 2: Provide documentation of serologic immunity for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (positive MMR Titer).

Please note that if you choose Option 1 that you do NOT need the MMR titer to matriculate. However, it is advised you receive the MMR titer prior to enrollment because you will need both the vaccine and the titer when you apply for medical residency.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Series Requirement and Hep B Surface Antibody (HBsAb titer) Requirement

Completing the protocols for the Hepatitis B series and positive HBsAb titer can take up to seven months to complete. Therefore, it is important to complete your series and the HBsAb titer immediately.

Provide documentation of three (3) doses or Heplisav-b(2) doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine and documentation of your positive HBsAb quantitative titer. Your titer should be drawn 4-6 weeks after the 3rd dose or after the 2nd dose of the Heplisav-b. Note that the HBsAb titer must be a quantitative test with a numeric result (not qualitative).

Protocol Instructions for Negative HBsAb Titer
  • Upon submission of your AAMC Standardized Immunization Form and documentation of your negative HBsAb titer, please include a message alerting the Immunization Coordinator about your negative HBsAb titer. 
  • In the event of a negative HBsAb titer, you must complete the Hepatitis B series in its entirety again. (Standard 3 doses or Heplisav-b 2 doses)
  • Then, 4 weeks after completing the entire series, you must re-titer (Quantitative Hep B titer) and notify the Immunization Assistant of the new HBsAb titer result.  
  • If the second titer produces another negative result, you will be considered a non-converter and you will not have to complete the series again.

Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

  • State of Nevada Requirement
  • MenACWY vaccination after age 16 for university entry
  • All incoming students (regardless if they are living on campus or not) under the age of 23 at the time of initial enrollment are required to submit proof of having received the Meningitis vaccination with at least one dose occurring on or after age 16.
  • Acceptable versions of the Meningitis vaccination are:
    • Menactra or Menveo (MenACYW-135)
    • MCV4
  • Versions of the Meningitis vaccine that will not meet this requirement are:
    • Bexero or Trumemba (MENG B)
    • HIB Meningitis

Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) Vaccination Requirement

Provide documentation of one (1) dose of adult Tdap within the last 10 years.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement

Provide documentation of a negative Quantiferon (IGRA Blood Test) annually.

If your IGRA is positive or you have a history of positive TB tests, you must also:

Provide documentation of the positive TB test.

Provide documentation of a physician read, clear chest x-ray (preferably within the last six months).

Complete an annual TB questionnaire through the UNR Student Health Center.

Please Note: UNR Med does not accept the Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST). 

Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccination Requirement (choose one option)

Option 1: Provide documentation of two (2) Varicella vaccines.
Option 2: Provide documentation of serologic immunity for Varicella (positive Varicella titer).

Influenza Vaccine

• Provide documentation of one (1) dose of influenza (flu) vaccine annually, each fall.

*Year 4 Away Electives

Medical students may be required to obtain other immunizations or titers to satisfy requirements of other medical schools when applying for away electives for the 4th year of medical school. Please contact the School of Medicine Registrar if you need assistance in determining these requirements. Other healthcare facilities may have different requirements that you may need to adhere to.