MSPE Noteworthy Characteristics

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

Class of 2021

What to Expect During Your MSPE Meeting

  • Review of specialty choice, including a summary of your competitiveness and recommendations for development of a parallel plan.
  • Review of your application strategy
  • Recommendations for CV and personal statement
  • Review of letters of recommendation strategy
  • Review of draft MSPE and estimated evaluative level
  • Mock interview and interview preparation recommendations
  • Match risk assessment

Noteworthy Characteristics

This section includes information intended to help a residency program selection committee review applicants holistically to achieve a residency class that brings a diverse set of background experiences, characteristics and perspectives.

  • This section should be presented as a bulleted list. Each characteristic should be described in 2 sentences or less.
  • Provide a maximum of three characteristics highlighting your most salient noteworthy characteristics. Why should a program director pick you? What makes your different from other applicants?
  • Information about any significant challenges or hardships encountered by the student during medical school may be included.
  • Lengthy biographical descriptions are not recommended due to the time required for review and because these details can be found in other sections of the applicant's portfolio (e.g., ERAS application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, interviews).

Personal Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

Please take the time to thoughtfully address these questions, as this information will be used in constructing your overall evaluative summary. The information you provide will remain confidential and no personal information will be included in your MSPE. Please use additional pages as necessary.

  1. Assess your academic performance throughout medical school. Include any explanations for remediation or passing grades in Clerkships.
  2. Describe strengths/weaknesses in medical knowledge and clinical skills.
  3. Assess your communication and interpersonal skills. Areas to include are ability to work as part of a team; communication with people from different backgrounds other than your own; how you handle stressful or confrontational situations; and written communication.
  4. What challenges or areas of personal growth have you faced in medical school and how have you addressed these challenges in relation to your success as a potential resident?
  5. Honestly assess your relationships with peers, faculty, patients. In what situations have you been most comfortable or struggled?
  6. How has your leadership/service contributed to your medical education? What impact have these activities had on your specialty choice? Don't just recite your activities here.
  7. If you participated in research, describe how this has prepared you for residency and your plans for the future.
  8. Explain dual degree or scholarly concentrations you are pursuing or have completed, including the impact/contributions of your activities.
  9. Assess your professionalism attributes and how you feel you are perceived by others as a professional. (Respect; honesty; altruism; duty; humility; commitment to excellence; ethical; recognizes limitations; responsible; reliable; flexible; receptive to feedback)


  • 1 Week prior to MSPE appointment

This is a firm deadline. This information must be included in the draft MSPE which will be reviewed during the MSPE appointment.

How to Submit:
  • Upload to the MSPE Student SharePoint site one (1) week prior to your MSPE appointment.