Disability Accommodations

Students who have a documented disability and require accommodation must first meet with the UNR Med Learning Specialist and will be referred to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) on the UNR campus for accommodations. The accommodation memo will be sent to the Learning Specialist, Director of Student Affairs and the Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs. Depending on the accommodation the appropriate support staff or faculty will be notified to grant these accommodations. Known accommodation needs should be brought to the attention of the Learning Specialist before the first day of classes and the first day of clerkships. New accommodation requests for courses, exams or other evaluations at least two weeks prior to the course, exam, or evaluation. Block, clerkship or elective directors and/or faculty will not routinely be informed of requested accommodations unless necessary. UNR Med retains the right to review and approve or decline any or all requests for accommodation.

If a student has a disability that necessitates accommodation to meet UNR Med's Essential Functions Requirements, then the student must provide, at their own expense, appropriate documentation from a qualified professional describing the disability and setting forth any reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure the student's ability to meet the Essential Functions Requirements.