Special Programs: Academic

To ensure the successful completion of medical school and special programs by students at UNR Med, a Student Eligibility for Special Programs Policy has been established to outline the policy and guidelines of learning options for medical students relating to dual degree and scholarly concentration programs.

Scholarly Concentrations Program

A Scholarly Concentration is an academic distinction. These programs, coordinated by the Office of Medical Education, provide students with the opportunity to gain expertise in a chosen field of study. Only students in good standing are eligible to participate. Specific academic objectives are identified for each program and a minimum of eight weeks of effort is required over the course of the four years. At the close of the program, students will submit or present a scholarly product. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, the student is awarded the distinction of Scholarly Concentration. This will be a part of the student's permanent record and they will be recognized during the Awards Ceremony. For more information, contact the Office of Medical Education at (775) 682-7733.

Dual Degree Programs

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has several dual degree programs available to students post-matriculation: M.D.-Ph.D., M.D.-M.P.H. and M.D.-M.B.A. The earliest a student may apply to a dual degree program is following the successful completion of his/her first semester of medical school. See the Office of Medical Education Dual Degree website for additional information.

Office of Medical Research
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