Learning and Wellness Support

UNR Med maintains a Learning & Wellness Resource Center, and provides all medical students access to Learning Specialists. Learning resources provided by UNR Med include supplemental instruction, exam workshops, tutoring services, and remediation support. Additionally, the Learning & Wellness Resource Center, in conjunction with UNR & UNR Med, provides access to counselling services provided by main campus UNR, as well as therapists specialized in working with medical students. View the Learning & Wellness Resource Center services.

Along with various academic support services, UNR Med facilitates Wellness Programming to medical students early and throughout their medical education, in order to positively affect students' functioning and provide resources to better equip medical students to address their health and well-being issues effectively. The School of Medicine's Learning and Wellness Resource Center (LWRC) addresses several different areas of wellness including mental, emotional, physical activity, nutrition and social. These areas are addressed through a variety of activities year to year including programming facilitated by the UNR Med Therapists, Wellness Wednesday general programming, and by providing space in the Wellness Center (Annex 116).