Student Assignment

The Associate Dean for Medical Education is responsible for the selection and assignment of medical students to a particular campus/track for curricular experience. Medical students will be provided with an opportunity to request placement on a specific campus/track as available prior to the start of the curricular phase (e.g. clerkship). The director of the specific course (block/clerkship/elective) is responsible for the selection and assignment of medical students to specific activities within that experience.

A student may, with appropriate rationale, request an alternative assignment when circumstances allow for it. Request for track/campus changes shall be made to the Associate Dean for Medical Education. Requests for clinical assignments made as part of the course/clerkship shall be made to the course or clerkship director, if possible. If for any reason, the student deems it necessary to make the request to the Director of Curricular Operations (DCO), or to the Associate Deans for Medical Education and/or Admissions and Student Affairs, they may do so. The DCO or Associate Deans will then work with the student and the course or clerkship director to identify the pertinent issues and make any appropriate alternative assignments as needed. Requests are to be in writing and submitted via email. Criteria for evaluation of student requests include but are not limited to the appropriateness of the learning environment, preexisting relationships such as personal or physician patient relationships, accommodating specific student educational/personal needs.