Absence Student Requested Medical Leave of Absence

UNR Med Student Handbook: Attendance and Absence Policy

  • A leave of absence is available for medical or personal reasons.
  • A student requesting a leave of absence may be required to provide a signed statement to the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs from a licensed and certified health care professional indicating the student is unable to fully participate in academic and/or clinical activities for medical or psychological reasons. The statement should include the following:
    • How long the student has been a patient of the health care professional;
    • Diagnosis;
    • Relationship of symptoms to essential functions;
    • Anticipated length of time required for treatment;
    • Consideration of hospitalization;
    • Specific recommended accommodations; o Prognosis for return to medical school; and,
    • Recommendation of whether the student should be required to have a Fit for Duty evaluation conducted prior to returning to medical school.
  • The leave of absence and any renewals must be documented and approved by SPCC.
  • The maximum term for a medical leave of absence is six (6) months.
  • The leave of absence can be renewed up to three times, for a total of two years, if the need for additional time is again documented as outlined above. In addition, the student must provide a course of action to be taken to ensure maintenance of knowledge base and, if relevant, clinical skills. The student should be aware that readmission after a leave of absence of greater than six (6) months may require an examination or additional remedial course work to ensure retention of knowledge base and, if relevant, clinical skills and/or a Fit for Duty evaluation.
  • The total time taken for a medical leave of absence cannot exceed two years during the total period of medical school. Should a leave of greater than two years be necessary, dismissal will result. The student must reapply for admission to UNR Med if they desire to attend medical school. Acceptance under these conditions is not assured. The decision for readmission will be made by the Admissions Executive Committee.
  • A student who is on a leave of absence for any reason may be required to participate in a Reentry Program in order to progress into the third year. The Reentry Program consists of a mandatory SP experience in May. The reentry program is administered by the Office of Medical Education (OME).
  • A student cannot enter the third year of medical school at any point other than the transition course.
  • The six-year limit policy applies for time on LOAs.