Voluntary Extension of Academic Program

Students who desire or require additional time for personal reasons can also request the extended curriculum. These reasons include, but are not limited to: (a) the birth of a child, for maternity or paternity leave; (b) extended illness of self or a family member; and, (c) research, international medical experience, or other curricular programs. Students must be in good standing to extend the academic program, and must maintain satisfactory performance to continue with the program. Students considering this program should contact the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs for more information. Voluntary extensions cannot exceed a total of two additional years. The SPCC reviews and makes a decision. Students who request extension of their academic program and who will not be engaged in academic or educational activities will not be eligible for financial aid.

Students who want to extend their academic program by participating in a research program must comply with the following requirements:

  • Submit written documentation and details of the research experience to the Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs and the Associate Dean of Medical Education for initial approval;
  • Obtain approval of the research experience from the SPCC;
  • After approval, the student will be enrolled in an independent study course for the duration of the research program, with evaluation of either pass or fail;
  • The student must provide written documentation of work product on the research project to the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education once each semester;
  • A letter from the Research Supervisor indicating that the student is participating in full-time research must be received by the Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs once each semester;
  • With evidence of satisfactory completion of the research experience, a pass will be awarded in the Independent Study course;
  • The student will pay full tuition for the research year but will be considered eligible for financial aid; and,
  • Upon return to the regular curriculum, the student will not pay tuition for a period of time equal to the research program. He or she will only be eligible for financial aid for educational expenses, excluding tuition.