Medical Student Performance Evaluations

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), or Dean's Letter, is a narrative evaluation prepared by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for each graduating student. During the summer and fall of Year 4, the MSPE is finalized based on coursework for which evaluations have been submitted. The MSPE is written as part of your credentials for applying for residency training. The purpose of the MSPE is to provide residency directors with an overall evaluation of your academic performance and professional attributes.

MSPE Checklist and Student To Do List

June 1 – June 30

  • Students schedule their MSPE appointment. Emailed instructions will be sent to students May. 
  • Students complete MSPE Prep Document.
  • Students complete Noteworthy Characteristics section for the MSPE.
  • Students complete personal statement draft.
  • Students update CV

August 1 - September 15

Students prepare for and attend individual MSPE appointments. Each student will upload, one week prior to MSPE appointment date, the following completed forms and information:

  • Draft of CV
  • Draft of Personal Statement
  • Completed MSPE preparation document containing Noteworthy Characteristics paragraph (page 3) and Personal Assessment (page 4)

September 15 - last week in September

  • Students proofread individual MSPE prior to national release in ERAS.

MSPE Process and Preparation

The MSPE is provided each September, via the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS), to all residency programs each student has applied to using that service. For students going through the Early Match, the letter is provided through the SF Match Portal on October 1 for each program specified by the student. The last Wednesday in September is a national release date for all medical schools' use.

Please provide the information requested and upload via the online MSPE portal on the SharePoint site (access information will be sent via separate email). The MSPE preparation document contains instructions for completing your Noteworthy Characteristic and questions assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Your thoughtful completion of this information will assist in the creation of your individual MSPE.

Your appointment will be canceled if this form is not received one week prior to your MSPE meeting.

The MSPE evaluative summary paragraph describes a student's overall performance in one of the following categories:

  • distinguished
  • outstanding
  • excellent
  • very good
  • good

The performance category is determined by the following:

  • basic science and clinical clerkship grades
  • progress in the student's level of clinical competence and professionalism, as evidenced by evaluation comments in the basic science coursework, clinical clerkships
  • major clinical electives during a student's fourth year.
  • USMLE Step 1 and Step II (if available by upload date) scores
  • leadership, research, and service experiences
  • membership in the medical student honor society (AOA) or Gold Humanism Honor Society.
  • remediation, if applicable, during medical school.

There are two appendices included in the MSPE.

  1. Appendix B ( Appendix B Sample) describes the overall comparative performance in medical school included in the summary paragraphs, the different categories described above.


The MSPE is written by the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs. Administrative support is coordinated by the Registrar. Students are provided ample opportunities to review drafts of their MSPE before they are finalized and uploaded to ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Changes to evaluative components of the MSPE are not permitted, unless there are typographical changes.

Students will meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs August through September. The meeting includes:

  • discussion and advisement with each student about specialty choice
  • review of application strategies, CVs and personal statements
  • review and discussion of a draft MSPE

Students will upload their CV, personal statement, unique characteristics paragraphs, and biography form directly to their individual folder on the MSPE SharePoint site. Students will also review and edit (grammar and factual errors only) their MSPE on the site. Students must provide a copy of their CV, personal statement and a biographical form one week before their appointment.

Students can contact Brandi Aiazzi, School of Medicine Registrar: (775) 682-8351 with questions. Students can also contact Cherie Singer, Ph.D.: (775) 682-8360.

*Access questions or problems? Contact Suzi Stempeck, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Information Technology Department.