Dorothy Hudig, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity; Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity by natural killer cells


Professional Biography

  • 1991 - present:  Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1989: Tenured, Associate Professor, School of Medicine and College of Agriculture, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1984: Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1979 - 1984: Associate Member, and Assistant Research Biochemist I-III, University of California, San Diego Cancer Center
  • 1977 - 1979: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Medicine & Cancer Center, University of California, San Diego, with John Mendelsohn, M.D.

Research Interests

Natural killer and cytotoxic T lymphocytes can kill tumor and virus-infected cells by means of pore-forming proteins that are released from granules of the killer lymphocytes.  A significant problem is that many of the NK cells stop after killing after destroying only one ‘target’ cell rather than going on to kill multiple target cells.  We are addressing the issues of how to generate serial killers.  These serial killers would be highly desirable against solid tumors.  My laboratory was among the first to recognize the role of the serine protease called granzymes in killing (1980) and is now characterizing how they affect serial killing.

The Hudig lab maintains an interest in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, (ME/CFS), focusing on monocyte and NK cell cooperation in ADCC. 

Current Lab Members

  • Judith Cruz Amaya, student

Past Lab Members

  • John Adlish, Ph.D.
  • Janine Allison
  • Vincent Anderson
  • Bryce N. Alves, Ph.D.
  • Christy Bethley
  • Tejal Bhatt
  • Leticia Cano, Ph.D.
  • Alex Cardenas, M.D.
  • Kathleen Carine, Ph.D.
  • Chaudhuri, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Clark
  • Ron Cornwell, M.D.
  • Christina Damron
  • Michael Djobadze
  • Jillian Edelnant
  • Vicky Elliott
  • Gerald Ewoldt, Ph.D.
  • Stephanie Fraser, Ph.D.
  • Ruth Gault, Ph.D.
  • Lydia Navarette-Galvan, Microbiology honors undergraduate, NURA scholar
  • Jason George
  • Amy Lee Ginder
  • Will Hallett, Ph.D.
  • Adam Henner, JD
  • Nathan Hiatt,
  • Yongmoon Han, Ph.D.
  • Jason Hedges
  • Patricia Huerta
  • Reza Karimi, Ph.D.
  • Shaparak Kamarei, M.D.
  • Linda Katzenmayer
  • Andrew Kuhn, Ph.D.
  • Jeff Leong, MD-Ph.D.
  • Aaron McDaniel. M.D.
  • Ryan McKinney
  • Joshua C. Meier
  • Robyn Mellender, JD
  • Minghui Li
  • Lila Murphy
  • Haiyan Liu, MD., Ph.D.
  • Daisy Narayan, Ph.D.
  • Dale Netski, Ph.D.
  • Tim Pickett
  • Corey Pine
  • Liza Rechetnik
  • Carol Rice, M.D.
  • Edward Rich, M.D.
  • Amy Schneck
  • Mario Silva
  • Dennis Small, M.D.
  • Alexander P. Sung, M.D.
  • David Tamang, Ph.D.
  • Jia-Jie Jennifer Tang
  • Bert Tardieu, M.D.
  • Suhani Thaker
  • Maria Tinangon
  • Lisa Tran
  • Lory Minning Walls
  • Ming Te Wang
  • Richard Waters
  • Ulrike Winkler, Ph.D.
  • Susan L.  Woodard, Ph.D.
  • Sunny Xiong
  • Susan Zunino, Ph.D.


  • 1977 - Ph.D., Biology/Immunology, University of California, San Diego
  • 1968 - B.A., Biology, cum laude, Bryn Mawr College