Closure and Reduction of Programs

  1. Introduction
    1. The purpose of this policy is to provide for an orderly and equitable transition when downsizing/closure of a program because of a decrease in resident enrollment, department restructuring for economic or programmatic reasons, or other reasons which may require downsizing/closure of a program or closure of the institution.
    2. It is UNR Med's goal to balance its needs and minimize any disruption of healthcare and/or educational services while respecting the dignity of residents affected.
    3. In planning, implementing, downsizing or closure of a program beyond the immediate notification of the GMEC and DIO, the following objectives are set forth to guide management:
      1. Maintain the standards and quality of patient care.
      2. Provide education and services for residents.
      3. Provide appropriate notice, alternative opportunities where possible, and/or University-approved services to residents affected by the downsizing/closure of a program.
    4. In analyzing the program affected, the chair of the department and program director must work in direct consultation with and obtain the approval of the DIO and the Graduate Medical Education Committee prior to announcing or finalizing any specific program reductions. Management guidelines for resident reductions will be adapted and issued to cover any institution specific situation as needed.
  2. Recognition and Action
    To the extent possible, UNR Med will provide a minimum of six (6) months notice in advance of any program reduction.
    1. Benefits
      1. Medical and Dental Coverage - Residents affected by the program reductions who are enrolled and covered in an UNR Med group medical and/or dental plan may extend their coverage under the group plans for a period of up to six (6) months, or until enrolled in a residency program elsewhere and eligible for coverage (whichever occurs sooner).
      2. After the six-month period, affected individuals may continue coverage under the provisions of COBRA.
    2. Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance
      Insurance coverage ceases as of the last day of training. The life insurance plan may be converted during a 30-day grace period to a direct pay plan by contacting the carrier. The long-term disability plan is not convertible.
    3. Continuation or Transfer Eligibility
      If feasible, UNR Med may allow residents already enrolled in the program to complete their training program. When continuing a resident's education is not feasible, UNR Med, will, to the degree possible, assist residents affected by program closure in enrolling in a program where they can continue their education. There is no guarantee, however, that a resident will be selected for another program within or outside of UNR Med.
  3. Policy Priority
    1. UNR Med will plan and implement program reduction guidelines for each situation, consistent with applicable Graduate Medical Education Committee policies and procedures.
    2. The chair and program director are responsible for communicating necessary information to the department/residents.
    3. All differences of opinion, interpretation and application of this policy and its supporting guidelines are reserved for final determination by the Graduate Medical Education Committee.