Institutional Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med) is committed to providing the highest quality of medical education, research and patient care. Sponsorship of post-graduate education programs furthers the School's mission and trains the future generation of health professionals necessary to provide healthcare and education for the communities we serve.

Fiscal support from the State of Nevada and revenue generated by the faculty practice plans provides UNR Med necessary resources for the recruitment of faculty of academic excellence, for infrastructure support for its post-graduate healthcare education programs and for research support.

UNR Med recognizes the trainees entrusted to its care as first and foremost learners. It recognizes its responsibility for providing appropriate supervision and facilitating residents' professional and personal development while ensuring safe and appropriate care for patients.

UNR Med's Designated Institution Official (DIO) has responsibility for the administration of post-graduate healthcare programs and for assuring compliance with accreditation standards. Oversight of post-graduate education programs resides in the Office of Graduate Medical Education and the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education.

UNR Med recognizes its responsibility to provide the necessary resources to enable its programs to achieve substantial compliance with program accreditation standards.

Institutional resources for the training of residents are allocated by the Dean of the School of Medicine. Decisions for allocation of resources are based upon institutional requirements, recommendations of the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and outcome assessments of its post-graduate programs.

David L. Carlson, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official