Medical Student Performance Evaluation

Student Name

October 1, YEAR

Identifying Information

Student Name is a fourth year medical student at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Student entered the School of Medicine in the fall of 2006 after graduating with high distinction and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Biology from the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada. While in college, Student was named to the Dean's List and was the recipient of the College of Science's Dean's Scholar Award, awarded to the student with the highest graduating cumulative grade point average in the Department of Biology. In addition, they received the Senior Scholar Award through the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources for earning the highest grade point average in the college. Student5 worked as an Emergency Medical Technician through college, and was also deeply involved in biomedical research with mentors and collaborators in the University of Nevada, Reno's Department of Biology.

During medical school, Student has been very involved. He was elected Secretary for the Class of YEAR and Secretary for the Student Executive Committee. He was the Manager of the Student Outreach Clinic, a student run clinic providing basic medical care to the underserved community. He was the representative for the American Medical Student Association, a member of the New Student Orientation Committee, and a student interviewer for the Admissions Committee. He was also a presenter at "Tar Wars", an anti-smoking campaign for children.

Academic History

Date of expected graduation from medical school:
May 20, YEAR

Date of initial matriculation in medical school:
August 15, YEAR

Was the student required to repeat or otherwise remediate any coursework during their medical education?
Yes ____ No __X __

Was the student the recipient of any adverse action(s) by the medical school or its parent institution?
Yes ____ No __X __

Dual/joint/combined degree students:
Date of initial matriculation in other degree program: August, 2009

Date of expected graduation from other degree program: May, 2012

Type of other degree program: Masters, Public Health

Special Qualifications Degree Students:

Date of initial matriculation into special qualifications program: August, 2009

Date of expected graduation from special qualifications program: May, 2012

Type of special qualifications program: Service Learning

Academic Progress

Student's United States Medical Licensing Exam Step I score was PASS taken June, 2008. It should be noted that the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine converts to honors, high pass, pass, fail grades for the clinical years.

Student progressed from a solid performance in the basic science years to an equally impressive clinical performance.

The following, in chronological order, are his clinical clerkship evaluations with unedited comments by the supervising faculty.

Clinical Reasoning in Medicine: (24 weeks) Grade - HIGH PASS.

The twenty-four week Clinical Reasoning in Medicine Clerkship supplements the traditional Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family and Community Medicine Clerkships. The emphasis of the clerkship is outpatient management of common medical problems balanced with hospital experience. Students are involved with full time faculty, both generalists and sub-specialists throughout the clerkship. Student evaluation measures include an Objective/Structured Clinical Examination, Shelf Exams for internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics, preceptor evaluations, and faculty mentor evaluations.

Following are the student's evaluations from the three components that make up the Clinical Reasoning in Medicine Clerkship:

  • Internal Medicine: (12 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student performed at an outstanding level on this 12 week Internal Medicine Clerkship. They were described uniformly as an excellent student with a solid knowledge base and clinical skill. He demonstrated enthusiasm and always went out of his way to work hard and learn as much as possible on the rotations. Their outpatient preceptor thought he was one of the best students he had ever taught. Student also proved his knowledge base was excellent by achieving an 80th percentile score on the difficult standardized IM exam."
  • Family Medicine: (6 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Excellent MS3." "Very warm and kind-hearted. Team oriented." "Student is the strongest medical student that I have worked with this year. I felt their knowledge, clinical skill, motivation, and attitude were all superior. They will make an outstanding physician." "great student." "Student is an exceptional student. Their knowledge base and clinical reasoning skills are well beyond the level of his peers. They are a motivated, enthusiastic, active learner who has taken the steps to be well prepared for residency. They will be a true asset to any residency program. A role model." Enthusiastic and a great medical student."
  • Pediatric Medicine: (6 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student is intelligent, motivated, empathetic, and knowledgeable. They will do great in any specialty."

Psychiatry (6 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student is an excellent and growing professional who is a pleasure to supervise. They are courteous, gentle, and trust generating which contributes to effective working alliances with his patients. They are also thorough and systematic in their data gathering. They are comprehensive in his diagnostic formulations and treatment planning. Student is a pleasure to work with. They performed with the skill and confidence of a resident. They made meaningful contributions to the treatment of their patients. They were well-liked by his patients and staff. Student was a true team-player who consistently showed an exceptional work ethic. They are quick to smile, has a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. Overall, Student was one of the most outstanding third year students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They will be an asset to whatever specialty and residency program that is fortunate enough to recruit them."

OB/GYN: (6 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student has a good basic knowledge of obstetrics. He was able to formulate basic assessments and treatment plans. He took good H & P, notes. He documented salient issues in charting and handled himself well in the delivery room and was able to close fascia well for a student. Student handled himself well during both c-sections and vaginal deliveries. Student communicated well and got along well with all team members. He has an excellent sense of humor and was always willing to do what was asked of him. He has good self confidence, yet humble. He was very professional and respectful, understands limitations and strives to improve. Student was focused and quick learner. He was receptive to feedback and always anxious to learn something new. He showed interest in learning and participating in patient care. Student was very conscientious and always punctual. He was a pleasure to work with and has an excellent attitude. He was always upbeat, confident, motivated, and has great interpersonal skills and definitely a pleasure to teach and mentor."

Surgery: (12 weeks) Grade - HIGH PASS. "Student performed well above the level of his peers on his surgery clerkship. He demonstrated an excellent fund of knowledge. He also demonstrated excellent problem solving, clinical reasoning, and technical skills. Student is a quick learner on all fronts. He is enthusiastic, a team player, and professional at all times. He will be an outstanding resident in the field of his choice. His final grade was very close to Honors."

Student has completed the following senior electives:

Emergency Medicine: (4 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student will be an outstanding emergency medicine resident. His commitment to emergency medicine and his work ethic is outstanding. He is an outstanding student; hard working; highly motivated and enthusiastic, with a good fund of knowledge. His ability to develop an appropriate differential and treatment plan is outstanding. His ability to interact with others and communicate with his patients is superior. He functions well above his level of training and will make an outstanding house officer.
Student is a very competitive applicant and will do outstanding in any program. He has been one of the best students that we have had rotate through our department. We would love to have him in our program and we would recommend him without any reservation and support full-heartedly his application to our program."

Emergency Medicine (UC, Davis): (4 weeks) Grade - HONORS. "Student performed at an Honors level in all areas throughout his EM clerkship. He is an outstanding candidate for an EM residency."


Student is a highly intelligent and enthusiastic student who has chosen a career in Emergency Medicine, a decision that he began to make even before medical school when he shadowed emergency physicians and listened to his mother's stories about working as a critical care nurse. After beginning college, student earned his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification and began a career that spanned more than five years. His background depicts the almost ideal combination of clinical practice, academic preparation and productive basic science research. All of these factors have culminated in student's wise decision to spend his career in Emergency Medicine.

In addition to his considerable clinical experience, Student has been actively involved in research since 2005. During that year he was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Summer Fellowship/.Scholarship and the National Institute of Health-Nevada Biomedical Resources Infrastructure Network (NIH-BRIN) Summer Fellowship/Scholarship to fund his undergraduate senior project in the Department of Biology. Student has presented and published his work three times, including an article with his mentors and colleagues printed in the American Journal of Pathology in 2006.

Student has done well in medical school as noted in his supporting documentation. He excelled throughout his basic science and clinical years, earning the respect and positive regard of his attending physicians and residents. Student's evaluations provide evidence of his exceptional professionalism and excellent patient care skills. Student has also distinguished himself through his exceptional leadership ability. He has served as Secretary of the Class of 2010 for three consecutive years and was also a member of the Student Outreach Clinic Board when the Clinic was honored as a Community Healthcare Hero by the Nevada Business Journal.

On a personal level, Student is a dedicated student and tireless worker. He is intellectually curious, possesses an ability to communicate with people from highly diverse backgrounds and is able to convey warmth and a sincere desire to provide care to all patients. His ease with patients, colleagues and all team members make him an excellent candidate for residency training. Based on a review of her academic and professional accomplishments, Student is an excellent candidate for residency.

Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs