Liaison Committee on Medical Education

In 2018, the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine renewed its full accreditation from the the recognized accrediting body for M.D. degree programs in the United States. While our accreditation is valid through 2026, we continue to improve the quality and delivery of our medical education program by engaging in ongoing monitoring of the LCME accreditation elements and continuous quality improvement (CQI). UNR Med will begin its next self-study in 2024 to prepare for a site visit in academic year 2025-26.

To access the UNR Med Teams LCME site, click here. Access to this site is restricted to individuals involved in UNR Med’s LCME accreditation process.

The 2017 Self-Study and Site Visit

In preparation for the formal site visit by an LCME survey team, UNR Med completed an 18-month self-study in July 2017. During this time, administrators, faculty, staff and students worked together to assess the quality in all areas of medical education, which are linked to 12 LCME Standards. In addition, UNR Med strengthened its commitment to performance in key areas such as mechanisms for faculty participation, student research and student learning environments.

We invite you to learn more about the multi-year LCME preparations which ultimately led to a successful site visit. If you have further questions about our LCME process, please contact Sarah Ries.

The LCME accreditation process required extensive infrastructure and planning, including a timeline, formalized organizational structure and five hands-on subcommittees.

LCME Timeline

June 2016 - Members and subcommittee chairs are appointed to the LCME Steering Committee.

July 2016 - The LCME Steering Committee forms and establishes oversight over the self-study. Subcommittee chairs appoint members to their respective working groups.

August 2016 - LCME kickoff!

September 2016 - The accreditation coordinator works with subcommittees to compile and organize data for the DCI.

October 2016 - Committees review and analyze sections of the DCI. Medical students form the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) committee.

November 2016 - Committees review and analyze sections of the DCI and students finalize the ISA survey.

December 2016 - The ISA survey is administered among medical students.

Jan-May 2017 - Students collect ISA survey results, analyze data and write report. Subcommittees prepare and review self-study summary reports.

June 2017 - The Faculty Accreditation Lead receives file transfer account information and confirms receipt to LCME. The executive summary is finalized.

July 2017 - The Accreditation Lead submits self-study package to the LCME.

August 2017 - Survey team prepares for site visit and travel logistics are coordinated.

September 2017 - Faculty Accreditation Lead submits necessary updates to the survey team.

October 2017 - Full survey site visit takes place.

February 2018 - The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine is granted full accreditation through 2026.

Organizational Structure

A variety of stakeholders participated in UNR Med's LCME self-study process.

The Dean of the School of Medicine oversaw the self-study process and made executive decisions that guided the operations and decisions of the steering committee.

The Dean's Cabinet, Faculty Council and Faculty Chairs guided the Steering Committee in making decisions to ensure that the self-study review process achieved the goals of continuous quality improvement.

The Steering Committee oversaw the LCME self-study process, revised and formalized plans for improvement, as recommended by subcommittees.

The LCME Subcommittees reviewed assigned portions of the DCI, made recommendations for improvement and wrote subcommittee reports.


Five subcommittees were established to address LCME Standards 1-12. Comprised of a variety of UNR Med stakeholders, each subcommittee provided a final report, highlighting our strengths and recommending areas of improvement

Institutional Setting Subcommittee
In preparation for LCME Standards 1, 2 and 3, the Institutional Setting Subcommittee reviewed information pertaining to UNR Med's governance and policies, including our mission, organization and administration, as well as academic and learning environments.

Faculty Subcommittee
In preparation for LCME Standard 4, the Faculty Subcommittee reviewed information related to faculty preparation, productivity, participation and policies.

Educational Resources Subcommittee
In preparation for LCME Standard 5, the Educational Resources Subcommittee reviewed information related to UNR Med's educational resources and infrastructure.

Educational Program Subcommittee
In preparation for LCME Standards 6, 7, 8 and 9, the Educational Program Subcommittee reviewed information related to UNR Med's educational curriculum, including the design of the curriculum and how the program is taught and assessed.

Medical Student Subcommittee
In preparation for LCME Standards 10, 11, and 12, the Medical Student Subcommittee reviewed information related to all aspects of UNR Med's medical student support services, medical student admissions policies and medical student progress. The Medical Student Subcommittee included a student affairs workgroup and an admissions workgroup.