Resident Work Environment

  1. Introduction
    1. Residents will, in the course of their training/education, need to remain in the hospital overnight.
    2. Consequently, places to stay and accessibility to food are important.
  2. Call rooms
    1. Residents will be provided with safe, private, gender specific, and quiet call rooms for the times that they need to remain in the hospital overnight.
    2. Linens, pillows and lockers will be provided for residents to keep their personal belongings while on call.
  3. Meals
    1. Residents will have access to food while on call.
    2. At some facilities, food will be provided free of charge to those on duty and on call.
    3. At other institutions, funds will be distributed to residents based on the hours spent in the hospital and number of calls assigned per month. Distribution will be equitable for those with long in-hospital assignments.
  4. Laundry
    1. Laundry services are not available to the residents.
    2. However, clean scrubs are available to all residents at all institutions for call, for work in the operating suites, the delivery suites and in the emergency department.
    3. Each department provides lab coats to their residents. Orders will be taken by residency coordinators. Lab coats will be replaced as needed on an annual basis.