Resident Reporting

Reporting form

What Can I Report?
You can report anything that you find concerning. This includes issues ranging from concerns about call rooms to instances of harassment or violations of work hours. The more you communicate your concerns, the better we can enhance your experience at UNR Med. Bringing problems to our attention allows us to advocate on your behalf and implement necessary changes.

Why Should I Report?
While we strive to ensure that all our programs provide an excellent learning environment, residents and fellows serve as our eyes and ears. Sharing your concerns will aid us in resolving issues and cultivating a better environment for everyone involved.

Can I Report Anonymously? What Happens?
Yes, you can report anonymously, recognizing that this may be the most comfortable method for you. However, it's important to note that the more information we have, the better equipped we are to respond effectively. We understand that reporting a concern can be challenging and uncomfortable. GME is your partner, and we will respect your boundaries while collaborating with you on how best to proceed in a manner that is safe and comfortable.

What Might Happen Afterwards?
Every situation is unique, and we take all concerns seriously. Sometimes, addressing a concern leads to tangible, visible outcomes. At other times, matters may need to be handled confidentially due to their sensitive nature, and you may not
immediately see the outcome.

Will My Report Result in Disciplinary Action for Me or Others?
Individuals who report concerns will not face disciplinary consequences for doing so. Depending on the nature of the concern, appropriate measures such as coaching or performance management may be taken for the individuals involved, with the person reporting excluded from such actions. It's crucial to understand that any such measures are handled confidentially through the GME office. Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected throughout the process.

Who Will See My Report?
Concerns are directly addressed to the Director of GME and is will review the report and share relevant information with appropriate contacts, such as the DIO, program leadership, department chairs, facilities team, medical directors, etc., based on the nature of the concern and the individuals best suited to resolve the issue.

What Are Some Other Ways I Can Report a Concern?
While GME is here to collaborate with you to address your concerns, there are various avenues for reporting issues through UNR Med. For many concerns, residents and fellows may feel most comfortable reaching out to a program-specific contact, such as their Program Director, Associate Program Director, Department Chair, a Faculty Mentor, or Chief Resident/Fellow.

If you prefer to speak to someone outside of your program, you may contact GME Leadership directly.