Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

  1. Definition
    The exposure of a resident to human blood, blood products, and certain human biologic fluids in the course of performing one's duties. All residents are also required to complete the blood borne pathogen educational module prior to beginning their training. Instructions will be provided in new resident packets along with the rest of the activities that need to be completed prior to July 1.
  2. Actions
    1. Immediately following an exposure, the resident should:
      • Wash needle sticks and cuts with soap and water
      • Flush splashes to the nose, mouth, or skin with water
      • Irrigate eyes with clean water, saline, or sterile irrigants
    2. Next step - the resident should then immediately:
      • Report the exposure to the department responsible for managing exposures.
      • Prompt reporting is essential because, in some cases, post-exposure treatment may be recommended and it should be started as soon as possible.
    3. Complete the top half of a C-4 Form (Employee's Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment). This form is part of the process for establishing that the incident is covered by Workers' Compensation. The treating physician will complete the bottom half of the form and distribute it to the appropriate parties.
    4. The resident must also immediately report the incident to a supervisor or a designated department representative from the School of Medicine. The C-1 form must be completed and returned to the supervisor or department representative within 7 days of the exposure to comply with Workers' Compensation requirements.
    5. If the exposure involves a percutaneous injury from a potentially contaminated sharp, the resident must include the following information on the C-1 Form per the OSHA Needle stick Prevention & Safety Act:
      • The name and brand of the sharp
      • The department or work area where the incident occurred
      • An explanation of the incident
    6. Additional questions regarding this policy or Workers' Compensation in general, please call the Business Center North (BCN) Workers' Compensation Office at (775) 784-4394.