Away Rotations For Residents

  1. Definition
    1. Any UNR Med resident rotations at other institutions to meet the educational needs of the trainee.
    2. It is the responsibility of the program director to communicate with the Office of Graduate Medical Education to create an affiliation agreement or memorandum of understanding with the institution, and to ensure that accreditation standards including supervision, working hours and safety are followed.
    3. The administrator/program director will report rotation assignments and revisions in writing to the Office of Graduate Medical Education on a timely basis.
  2. Electives
    1. UNR Med residents may, with the program director's permission, participate in training programs outside of the affiliated hospital system. These assignments, when performed outside the system, are referred to as "electives."
    2. While it is within the program director's discretion to allow electives, the appropriate justification should be to provide training experience not available in the UNR Med program in which the resident participates.
    3. Residents must complete the appropriate paperwork, the Away Elective Application (see next two pages) and obtain the permission and signature of the program director. This paperwork must be submitted a minimum of 4-6 months prior to the time of the requested elective to allow time for processing and writing an affiliation agreement.
    4. Program directors also must submit a request for the resident's elective along with the program director's recommendation to the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education for approval with documentation as to the dates and locations of the assignments.
    5. Residents must be in good standing to participate in Away electives.
    6. Program directors must ensure that appropriate evaluations are completed for residents on Away electives in order to give credit for the time spent away.
    7. Away elective rotations may not exceed one month in length.
    8. Please see your program coordinator for any forms that need to be completed and approved prior to your scheduled rotation.