Checkout Policy

  1. Purpose:
    The purpose of this policy is to provide an outline of the responsibilities of residents/fellows regarding their leaving their training program(s).
  2. Policy:
    All residents/fellows who leave their training programs are responsible for checking out through their programs and the hospitals in which they rotate. Some of the requirements may be specific to the individual hospitals and will be attached to the main form to be submitted.
  3. Procedure:
    Checkout includes the following:
    1. Completion of all medical records at each hospital in our affiliated system either in Las Vegas or in Reno where the resident has rotated during his/her training. Each medical record department must sign off indicating completion of the medical records at that hospital which are the
      resident's responsibility. The check-out form will have specific hospitals listed depending on the individual program. This step is required for ALL residents/fellows.
    2. Return of all hospital pagers to the respective program coordinator for programs where pagers are used. Pager return will be initialed on the checkout form.
    3. Return of all library materials to the respective libraries - UNR Med library at UMC in the 2040 Building or Savitt Medical Library in Reno or any other library from which materials have been borrowed.
    4. Return of all items provided by the program such as library fobs, marlock cards, keys, UNR Med badges, hospital badges, Honeywell cards, etc. to the residency/fellowship coordinator. A place on the checkout list will be included.
    5. Completion of all required forms, evaluations, surveys, etc.
    6. The checkout form (see your program coordinator for current form) must be completed - including a forwarding address - and submitted to the program coordinator as a final step prior to releasing a certificate of completion. Final lists of completed checkout forms will be submitted to the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Certificates or letters indicating completion of training will not be released to the resident/fellow or any staff privileges or state medical licensure until checkout procedure is complete. Letters may be sent indicating anticipated completion, but no letters confirming completion may be sent.