Annual Leave at End of Training

  1. Introduction
    Residents have contracts that end June 30 of the academic year. Many residents have fellowships or move out of town at the conclusion of their training. Although it would be advantageous for residents to be able to leave to relocate, not every resident can leave prior to the end of the contract.
  2. Policy
    1. Residents completing their training or completing a preliminary year who wish to utilize vacation time at the end of training year must have schedules in place that allow vacation.
      1. Vacation time must be available and planned ahead of time
      2. Vacation may be used in the last weeks of the rotation.
      3. Length of the terminal leave shall not exceed two weeks
      4. The above mentioned end of year vacation leave shall be used to facilitate resident relocation to another geographic area
    2. Vacation time must be available, approved by the program director and integrated into annual block schedule.
    3. Should a fellowship be obtained after the block schedule has been finalized for the year, residents need to make arrangements for vacation reallocation as soon as possible following fellowship notification.
      1. Approval of redistribution/allocation of vacation time must be approved by the program director.
      2. Schedule changes must follow individual programs' leave request policies.
    4. Individual programs may determine if education/administrative leave will be authorized during the last month of training (June).
    5. Residency programs may make this policy more stringent to meet individual program needs. However, this policy cannot be used to increase resident vacation time provided by UNR Med.