Resident Forum

  1. Purpose
    1. The Resident Forum's primary function is to encourage communication between the residents and the UNR Med administration on all issues pertinent to graduate medical education.
    2. Representatives to the resident forum are residents selected by their peers from each of the residency programs at UNR Med.
  2. Policy
    1. The Resident Forum assists in identifying concerns about the work environment and in seeking solutions. The Forum disseminates institutional information to the residents and seeks their input into issues that affect them. Our hope is that this open venue for communication will improve patient care and resident education.
    2. Members of the Resident Forum are peer selected and represent the individual residency and fellowship programs at UNR Med.
    3. Resident members are encouraged to utilize the Forum for expressing general concerns about residency education or any other matters they choose.
    4. Discussion items may be placed on the agenda by contacting the resident representatives or the Office of Graduate Medical Education
    5. Minutes shall be prepared by the Forum secretary and distributed to every resident and the Office of Graduate Medical Education within 2 weeks of the meeting date.
    6. The Forum may elect to participate in operations or quality improvement and restructuring initiatives.