Fatigue Mitigation Policy

  1. Introduction:
    In July 2011 the ACGME introduced new program requirements in a special section titled Resident Duty Hours in the Learning and Working Environment. In section A. - Professionalism, Personal Responsibility and Patient Safety, there are sections describing need to recognize fatigue in him/herself and others as well as be fit for duty.
  2. Procedure:
    When a resident/fellow identifies him/herself or peers and attending identifies the resident/fellow as being too fatigued to drive home there are several options for trainees:
    1. Call rooms/sleep quarters are available at all facilities for the resident/fellow to use for a nap until the resident/fellow is less fatigued.
    2. Public or private transportation if available may be utilized.
    3. Peers, attendings, family may be called to assist transporting fatigued trainees to their residence.