Resident/Fellow Work Hour Tracking And Reimbursement

  1. Introduction
    As part of their training program residents and fellows rotate through various UNR Med affiliated institution locations, such as University Medical Center, Renown Medical Center, SNAMHS, NNAMHS, Reno-VA, Las Vegas-VA and Sunrise Hospital. It is mandatory that the hours spent at each of these affiliated locations are tracked accurately and in a timely manner as the affiliates are only charged for the tracked hours. As a part of fulfilling the Professionalism Competency, residents/fellows have a responsibility to report accurate time for their rotations in New Innovations.
  2. Policy
    1. As part of the Professionalism Competency, residents/fellows will accurately track their work hours in New Innovations by the conclusion of their rotations.
    2. Residency coordinators will work with the Office of Graduate Medical Education to submit accurate and timely reports to support appropriate invoicing of the UNR Med hospital partners.
    3. Delayed resident time reporting is unprofessional and unacceptable and will result in consequences for the resident and/or program.
    4. Resident time not submitted by the first Friday of each month will be followed up by the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Repeated delinquent reporting or trends in delinquent reporting across programs will be investigated and documented by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.