Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of applicant are you looking for?

We are looking for physicians who represent the community, are passionate about psychiatry, motivated, enthusiastic self-starters who prioritize learning and collaboration with others. We also want to have a group of residents who are diverse across multiple dimensions since we value having physicians who are representative of a range of patient populations.

Do you accept osteopathic physicians?

Yes. We accept both allopathic and osteopathic physicians.

Do you accept international medical school graduates?

Yes. We have the same screening, review and selection process for all applicants.

Are there any special requirements for international medical grads (IMGs)?

  • Must be ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) certified prior to beginning the program.
  • Must have documentation that can live and work in the United States if not citizen or permanent resident

What types of visas do you sponsor?

J-1 only.

How long can I be out of medical school and still apply for your program?

We do not have a medical school graduation year cutoff, but we prefer individuals who have graduated from medical school within the past 3 years and have done clinical work relevant to psychiatry after medical school. Gap years must be explained.

What is your application deadline?

  • We begin accepting applications when ERAS opens to program directors.
  • The application deadline is December 1.
  • Applications for PGY-1 positions are only accepted via ERAS only.

How many PGY-1 positions are available?

We have 6 positions available through the Match.

Do you offer preliminary positions?


Do you offer observerships or externships?


Do you hire outside of the NMRP match for PGY-1 positions?


Do you participate in the couples' match?


Are USMLE or COMPLEX exam scores mandatory?

  • Yes. Applicants must have passed Step 1 and Step 2 CK of USLME exams or level 1 and level 2 CE of COMPLEX exams.
  • Applicants may be interviewed before passing all exams but must have passed all exams to be ranked for the NRMP Match.

Do you have a minimum USMLE/COMPLEX score?

No. Any difficulty with USLME or COMLEX exams should be explained.

When do you start interviewing?

We begin interviewing in November and continue through January/ February.

What are interviews like?

All interviews are virtual and online and include individual interviews, exposure to rotation faculty and sites as well as informal group sessions with residents.

Do you have second interviews/visits?

No, there may be opportunities after the interview to visit the institution in person (sponsored by GME).

What are the salaries and benefits?

Is there an orientation?

Yes. There is a 10 day orientation that starts in mid-June which covers basic topics in psychiatry and becoming familiar with the clinical sites. This orientation is mandatory and residents are paid.

Can residents do research?

Yes. All residents are expected to participate in scholarly activities. Residents may use their elective time to do additional research. Resident experiences are designed based on resident interest and preference.

Are there electives?

Electives are designed based on resident interests and preferences; in addition to clinical experiences, resident may focus on research, education, administration, and community activities. Elective time starts in the PGY 2 year.

Can residents fast track into child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship?

Yes. Residents complete all general psychiatric requirements by the end of their 3rd year. Many residents choose to remain at UNR for their CAP fellowship.

Can residents do outside rotations?

Yes, if there is available funding, adequate supervision and the experience does not interfere with required activities.

Can residents moonlight?

Yes, residents can moonlight if they are in good standing with the program and the experience does not interfere with required activities. There are internal and external moonlighting opportunities available.